What is DIRcms

DIRcms is a content managment system, that is integrated into all websites we design, so that you can edit entire site by yourself.

You can add, edit and delete pages and sub pages. Publish text and insert tables and pictures the same way as in MS Word. Our advantage is simpicity because all the editing is done in webpage.


  • Text editing MS Word similar tool
  • Picture gallery
  • Website structure editing in administration panel
  • Searching for any text in website
  • Many languages
  • Copy, delete and upload files e.c.
  • Statisticts with Google analytics
  • Google map

Choose your template

If you are short on budget then take a look at various website templates that can be used to create your website. Templates will help you to know what you like and will save you some money. You can choose from following templates and send the template number to our e-mail info@dircms.com. Then template is changed to include your logo, pictures and also menus and submenus.

sagatave 1
sagatave 2
sagatave 3
sagatave 4
sagatave 5
sagatave 6

DIRcms content managment system advantages

You will not have to pay extra money for updating information in home page because you can change everything. It takes 3-5 days to create and publish website. Editing is easy and you can learn it in 20 minutes.

Kāpēc izvēlēties mūs?

Specializējamies meklētājiem draudzīgu mājas lapu izstrādē. Mūsu pieredzi un profesionalitāti apliecina mūsu lapas pozīcija google meklētājā pēc atslēgas vardiem "mājas lapas"

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